Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Post Valentines Day

I can't believe its been weeks since I posted. I had intended to write more often but, let's face it, my life isn't exactly brimming with exciting events. So what's been happening?

The owner is still in the hospital but supposed to be transferred to some new facility for ventilator patients. She had a tracheotomy done so she doesn't have a tube coming out of her mouth anymore. But she can't eat now and must be fed through a tube. Don't know how long this will last.

I now have more different meds than I have ever had in my life. I am NOT a meds person....don't like having to take them. So now I have Fluvox, Clonidine, Inderal, and Prozac. I am allowed to play around with the dosages to see what works. Since the full dose of thee Clonidine had uncomfortable side effects for me, I was told to take half a pill. So I took one and a half of the Inderal and 1/2 of the Clonidine. I am a little thirsty but no where near as much as I was with the whole pill and it isn't making me sleepy. But it isn't doing anything for my Tourettes which the whole pill did. I am getting frustrated and since the Dr. is going to be away in March, I don't get to see him again till April. Guess I will survive till then.

The winter is tough for me. I have been more uncomfortable than usual going out to run errands. I went food shopping and from the moment I walked in the market I wanted to walk out. I couldn't WAIT to leave. I was an anxious mess the whole time. Forgot some things so had to go to another market to get those. I never mind shopping when I am with someone but alone I dread it. I used to go food shopping with Ron every Saturday morning and even though the people made me nervous, having him near kept me more reassured. I miss him every day, even after a year. I talk about him a lot with family but I think they don't really care now. They figure its been over a year now....ancient history. But he will always be a part of my life. But I digress. I like the winter because I have fewer hot flashes but I feel trapped here and all I do is watch tv in this bed and play on the computer. I can't go shopping anymore.....what money I have left I have to use for bills since I am not getting paid anymore. I did do some cleaning jobs and that helped a little but I can't rely on that money really, as it is not regular. But my brother is still helping with a little money now and then. I have to do a little thinking about my finances and maybe consolidate some of my credit cards.

Valentines Day was not the greatest although I did spend a little time with my daughter. But she was so tired that she fell asleep so I drove her home and she took a nap and I went back to my brother's house where I stayed for the weekend, and packed up my stuff to leave. A nice change but too short a time.

Today was my granddaughter's third birthday. I ordered her a gift from Amazon but she probably wont get it till next week. My fault....I kept procrastinating. But she is still a baby and won't care. I had a couple gifts I bought last year but the more I thought about it the more I realized she needs to be a little older. Maybe next birthday or Christmas.

I am still crocheting a bit. I was making a scarf but I can't find it. I was working on it at a Super Bowl party and I am SURE I took it with me when I left but its disappeared. That made me so mad...looked everywhere for it. I also misplaced my ring I got from my mother....the one my father gave her on their 30th wedding anniversary. I took it off at my brothers house when I was putting on some hand cream and when I went to put it back on it was nowhere  to be found. My mind is going....I just know it. I can't remember ANYTHING anymore.  :(

On a more upbeat note, I decided that I want to make a coffee table out of those wooden crates you can find in the craft stores. I got one at JoAnn Fabrics with a 40% off coupon. I am going to buy one at a time with a coupon so I can get them as cheap as possible. All I need are 4 crates, a piece of plywood cut to size, some wood screws and a set of 4 casters for the bottom so I can move it around. Its pretty easy to make but I might ask for a little help when the time comes. Don't know when I will be getting out of here, but I will get the crates and the screws and the casters ahead of time. When I am ready to build it, I will get the plywood and stain (or paint if I feel that's better).

Speaking of getting out of here, I got a call from SS and wanted me to call them back. I told my therapist and she told me to call him....right there in the office. I told her that she knew I couldn't do that but she told me to call. So I did. I talked to the guy for about a minute when I began to feel a panic attack coming on....I started to hyperventilate and cry and I said I couldn't do it. So my therapist took the phone and talked to the guy. She told him who she was and that I was having a panic attack. They talked for a couple minutes while I sat there trying to calm myself down. When she hung up with him, she told me that was a good conversation. She wanted him to know what was going on wit me and she thinks he understood my problem. Don't know if it will make a difference but at least someone SAW me have a panic attack.....that I am NOT faking it. I felt vindicated. And that felt good

Weekend before last I also spent at my brothers house and my SIL asked if I wanted to go with her to look at dresses?....she has a wedding in June to attend. So I said sure and we went to Dress Barn. I had no reason to buy anything, I just wanted to look. Well, we walked in and right by the door she sees this black lace dress and thinks its perfect. She gets her size and I see another dress behind the one she is looking at. It was white with a large black flower print. I thought it was really cute. She liked it too but they didn't have her size. They did have MY size, however, and she told me I should try it on. So I said ok...what the heck?? I wasn't going to be buying a dress but I was curious as to what it would look like on me. So after SIL picked out a couple more dresses and tops, we both got dressing rooms and tried on our stuff. I have never liked trying on dresses because I always look awful in them, Well, I looked GREAT! I was SO shocked that I looked good in this dress. The style was perfect for my figure. But the real test was sitting down. So I sat on the bench and it felt fine. I hear my SIL telling me to show her so  I opened the door and she and the store manager were standing there and they both said how good the dress looked on me. I said I agreed. My SIL then said that if I wanted it, she would get it for me for an early birthday present. I was thrilled! So I got the dress and its hanging up on a hook on the wall, I have NO idea when I will have an occasion to wear it but if I have one, I am prepared. Just can't gain any weight. Would be helpful if I could lose 10 pounds.

Past time for bed. Tomorrow I have to go to the gym and get a shower and I have my therapy appointment. But it should be better weather. Its been miserable the last several days. I need some sunshine. So there's my song.....Good Day, Sunshine by the Beatles. Hope spring comes soon!

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