Thursday, November 12, 2015

Doing the Thankful Dance!

It's only fitting with Thanksgiving approaching that there are always SOME things to be thankful for.

First, I had my psych eval exam by the Social Security doctor. He was very nice and tried his best to get me to laugh, which he did a little. Although I have no idea how he evaluated me, he seemed genuinely sympathetic and even agreed with my assessment that I DO have Tourettes and he would note that as a clinical diagnosis. He also said he was going to send out the report as soon as I left so I wouldn't think it was sitting on his desk for 2 weeks. My therapist said that was a good sign. She seems confident that I will be approved but I can't help but have my doubts. It would be the best Christmas present in the world. Anyway, I am thankful that the exam is over and I can relax a bit again.

My oldest brother has been my savior. He is supportive and caring, even though he is thousands of miles away. I DO wish he was here and I know he does too. He is also sending me money every month so I don't freak out about expenses. Last month, the money he sent I had to use for the dentist so that put a dent in my savings that I had to use for monthly bills. But he is sending a little more and that will let me breathe a little easier when the bills are due later this month. I have paid some but I am scraping the bottom of the bank account. However, I am taking a little of the money and getting my hair done....its been 7 months since I have had it cut and it needs attention for the winter season. It also helps my mood a bit. I am very thankful I have such a caring brother!

My other older brother has been as supportive as he can be. He lets me use his house when he and my SIL are not there, which has helped me to feel normal for a little while. He drove me to the psych appointment yesterday when I asked him. He told me whenever I need some help like that just ask. Now that he is retired he doesn't have as much to do so he is more available. I am thankful for him and his help.

I am thankful that the new aide for the owner is very good and helpful. The owner is well cared for by her. She has the personality and skill for it.....neither of which I have. So I only have to be responsible for her one day a week. That is a load off my anxiety. I can handle one day.

And last but not least, I am VERY thankful for my kids. I wouldn't have much reason to live without them....and my granddaughter. Its knowing they are there and in some way still need me makes me feel good. And I am thankful I have a good relationship with them....not like me and my mother.

So, on the whole, things are looking up. I want to believe that Ron is looking out for me. I tend to believe in angels and I believe he is one of them, which would be a joke on him, as he was an atheist and didn't think there was anything after death. But we never really know for sure until our time comes. As much as I have gone through in my life, there have been things that have happened to me that are TOO coincidental to be a coincidence. That's why I really do believe in angels. Also, my oldest brother told me to stop worrying....that the family would NOT let me go south. So that also eases my mind somewhat.

Today's song is What Does the Fox Say? Don't know who does it....can't remember...but I saw it on You Tube last night and its a perfect song for kids. If I remember correctly, foxes make a chit-like sound. You can check out You Tube for the video. Its strange but fun for a kid. I think my granddaughter would love it. :)

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