Monday, November 2, 2015

Death and Chaos

As much as I wanted this blog to be more uplifting, I also need to put down the events that not only make me smile but those that have me crying.

When you live in what amounts to a nursing home 24/7 and you have mental issues of your own, its not a good mix. One person is waiting to die while I have to deal with the fallout of her daily life. It was MUCH easier when I was able to go home at the end of the day to my own place, to my Ron, to peace. There is no peace here....only temporary respites of calm amid the chaos of others.

BUT there is some good news. The new day care person started today. She is pretty good....she has a great attitude and I wonder how long that will last? She has done this work before, though not with a person quite as infirm as this one. She is nice and friendly and since she lives in NJ, so we have a common point of reference. I went out today to do some food shopping for the house and bought some stuff for the owners well as some food for myself. And Snapple tea was BOGO....that was a nice find. I also ordered some Lysol onine for the owners laundry to keep the germs and the smell down....should get that by the end of the week.

I started back to working on an afghan I started crocheting a few months ago. I lost interest but its taking up TOO much room in here so I need to finish it and send it to its new home.  Then I have ANOTHER afghan I started a year ago that also needs finishing so I can get THAT out of here, too.

Tomorrow is election day so I plan to pack a bag for the gym, shower, then head across the bridge to vote, pick up my mail and just pretend to be a normal person for awhile. I also have to pick up my car insurance card at my brothers since I use his address for that.

Oh.....Halloween was ok. My daughter asked me if I wanted to come over and give out the candy (she hates to do that), so I drove over for that. We also made these things I found use tp rolls, cut out spooky eyes, put a glow stick inside and put them in the trees and bushes. They came out SO cool.....we are going to do it again next year only make more of them.

I did miss decorating for Halloween this year. All I can do is believe that next year will be different. Next year WILL be different.

Today's song is Everyday People by Sly and the Family Stone. We are ALL everyday people.

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