Wednesday, November 18, 2015

You Do Hairdo?

Got my hair done today and boy did I need it. I can only afford to get it done properly every 6 months and I actually waited a bit longer this time as I last got it done in April. Its a lot shorter than I am used to but my hair grows pretty fast so I am ok with it. My stylist is really good....she spends a lot of time on me and I never leave disappointed. I also had her wax and dye my eyebrows as well. I look a LOT better!

No anxiety today, which is good since I have had it pretty consistently for the last couple weeks. But tomorrow is my day with the owner. Still, its only one day and its going to rain so its a perfect day for being indoors anyway,

This has been cat day. I was visiting my daughter this afternoon (dropping off an extra bed pillow I had for her) and she told me how she was hearing a cat in the house. I wanted to make a joke about her cat haunting the house, but thought better of it. About an hour later, my ex came home and shortly afterward said he heard a cat and, oddly enough, so did I. The sound stopped but a short time later, it happened again. My ex went down into the basement and, lo and behold, there WAS a cat down there. Now this cat had been trapped in the basement for nearly a WEEK with no food or water. He looked ok but we had to scare him out of the back room where the furnace is. It ran out and jumped up onto the window ledge, then jumped down onto the built in shelf and behind the tv. We left him there to calm down and left food and water. I am hoping he will hang around and be a pet for my daughter, but we'll see. And when I got back here, the aide told me she saw a cat hanging around the house....she also gave it food and water and is hoping it will turn into a pet. But that's up to the cat....they adopt YOU, not the other way around. But it sure would be nice to have a cat.

I got another letter from the state of NJ about my disability claim. Said they have been trying to contact the mental health clinic with no response and I MUST have them get in touch with their office. So I told the receptionist about it and gave him the letter. He told me he would call yesterday and would call me. Think he did that?....NOOOOO. So I am not going to get upset....I have done all I was told as far as this disability claim is concerned. Its up to them now.

Good news to add! I am going to Boston to be with my kids for the Christmas holiday! I found out they have been planning this. I wish they had told ME about it but my daughter told me I should have assumed I would be going. I learned a LONG time ago never to assume anything but I have 2 terrific kids and I should have expected they wouldn't let me be alone for Christmas. I will get to COOK a holiday meal! I am SO looking forward to that. Not yet sure if I will be going up with my daughter or taking a bus or train. She told me I was welcome to go with her. Will have to think about it....I have time.

I got the money my oldest brother sent to me...that will take care of my car insurance and phone bill. I am ok for money for another month, thank goodness!

Tomorrow I am going to try and tackle straightening up this bedroom. Not sure what I am going to do with everything but I will figure something out. Its getting me depressed just looking at it.

I used to think I was crazy when there were times I couldn't sleep and I would make up stories in my head to stop the convoluted thoughts that kept me awake....kinda like reading except its your own book. Its been working again and I found out that OTHER people do the same thing. Not crazy after all. I have been making up mystery stories....the current one is a murdered blackmailer. The wrong person is being accused. I have to find the REAL murderer. :)

Today's song is Hair by the Cowsills. Mine is no longer flowing and there are no birds nests in it but at least its mine. :)

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