Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Day Not Like Any Other Day

I tend to have more bad days than good days but today was a good one for a few reasons.

I felt determined to be productive so I set up my Christmas crafting supplies on the kitchen table (which the aide graciously cleaned up for me) and I made one of my Christmas night lights for a gift. It came out nice and I decided to give it to the aide. She was thrilled. I plan on making 2 for my daughter and one for my therapist. But I only bought ONE light at the craft store. I swore I bought 3 but I only found one so Friday I have to go back to the craft store and get a couple more.

My bed was also delivered today and thought it would be sitting in the garage till next week when I was going to attempt to assemble it. One of the owners sons-in-law stopped by to put up the Christmas tree and saw me with the boxes. He said if I would decorate the tree after he put it up, he would put my bed together. Well, I jumped at that. Took him less than 2 hours to do it and I was THRILLED! I now have a real bed...not a mattress on the floor. I can get up off it easily and it has 2 drawers that I already put my sheets in. I am looking forward to a good night's sleep for the first time in many months. Another step toward normalcy.

Got a $100 gift card from my oldest brother for Christmas. I will buy myself something nice with it. Not sure what yet but there are plenty of things I can choose from. Or I may save it until I go to Boston so I have a little extra spending money. Either way, its all good.

My therapist was pleased to see my changed demeanor today in our session. I told her all the good things that happened today and she told me to keep on trying to stay busy and be positive. I will do my best but she also reminded me that I probably won't hear a decision on my SSI appeal until May of 2017! A lot will happen between now and then.

But I am NOT going to worry about that now. I have to concentrate on being HAPPY, especially with Christmas around the corner. I still have to try and finish my daughter's wreath and the other gifts.

My daughter got a new cat and he is cool! Yellow orangish fur with green eyes. Daughter called me and asked me about names. After I joked around a bit I suggested Maize....the word for corn. .She liked it and I was happy to have helped out. Maize reminds us both of another cat we had....very affectionate and confident. She said when she got him home and opened the carrier, he walked out like he owned the place and started exploring. The last cat she had hid under her bed for 3 days. He loves to be pet and head butts you for attention. My daughter said it looks like he is going to fit right in to her life. She is SO lucky.

I want a CAT so much!

Today's song is Step Into Christmas by Elton John. My daughter's favorite Christmas song, in honor of her birthday today. I like the song too. Little victories mean a lot. I hope mine continue.

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