Friday, December 4, 2015

All Dressed Up

After my day alone with the owner, I was ready to get out and get cleaned up for the weekend. So I packed my bag again and headed off to the gym to shower. I took along a new top and fairly new jeggings. And my Elvis.

My what, you ask? My Elvis. Ron bought it for me several years ago. I saw it at a Swarovski store marked down....although even marked down it wasn't cheap. But I totally fell in love with it and Ron being Ron, he got it for me. Now if you think I am carrying around some little figure of Elvis, let me show you my Elvis....

Not exactly sure WHY he is named Elvis unless his facial expression is supposed to resemble the legendary rocker. All I know is I love this little guy. He is covered in amethyst colored crystals with amethyst wings and his body parts all move. He is the cutest little fellow....about an inch and a half tall, hanging from a pretty ball chain. I usually only wear him when I wear something purple or lavender, which I did today. I am always afraid I am going to lose one of the crystals or something but so far he is in perfect shape.

Swarovski was one of Ron's favorite things. He had a yearly membership with them and every year he gave me the free members gift for Christmas. But he got me other pieces from them too. I have a Winnie the Pooh and a Piglet, a rose and an angelfish, a pair of kingfishers and a teddy bear holding a poinsettia. Right now they are all packed away with the rest of my stuff in Boston. Someday I hope I can display them again. Ron told me they should be behind glass but I will be happy to eventually see then again one day.

Anyway, I looked pretty sharp today although I did my share of crying over Ron. But I had my appointment with my psychiatrist and I wanted to look decent for a change. He gave me a new prescription to add to the Fluvox....a drug called Propanolol. Although its main use is for hypertension, it is strangely enough used for situational anxiety. I am not supposed to take it chronically but just when I need it. So we'll see if it helps. A lot of people online seem pleased with the results they've had.

I never got this room I am stuck in straightened up......really need to do that. My bed arrives next Wednesday.....hope I can assemble it properly. Picked up some more crafting supplies for the gifts I want to make. I also found a little resin figure of 2 Cardinals. I love cardinals and Ron knew that. This figure was all on its own and wasn't damaged like a lot of the stuff I am seeing. And as I stood in the store holding it, I wondered if this was a sign from Ron. Anyway, I bought it and found out it was on sale.....marked down from $12.99 to $5. I plan on incorporating it into some kind of display when I have my own place to decorate for the holidays. But for now, its just a pretty little figurine....

That's about it for now. Today's song is Run, Run, Rudolph...I seem to be hearing not only the original version by Chuck Berry but covers by various artists lately. But its a fun song and great to dance to. Sometimes I miss dancing.

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