Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Moon is Not a Balloon

With apologies to David Niven and his first autobiography. The slight change to his title seemed appropriate. Last night I walked outside to put a couple Halloween cards in the mailbox and saw how bright and clear the night was...a crisp fall night. The moon was full and shining. I decided I needed to take a picture of it so I grabbed my tablet and took one....

The more I looked at it, the more I realized it reminded me of myself....glowing and bright, yet fuzzy and fragmented. But in the fuzziness there is beauty....the colors eminating from the glow seem almost artistic. I put the photo on my Foap account......not that I expect to make any money from it (I haven't made anything after having the app for a couple years), but because I have an interest in how others perceive my efforts. I did get some good ratings on it, which is nice.  I have always had a mild interest in photography....I took a photography course at college many years ago.....but had no patience with learning about F stops and such. Nowadays you don't need much knowledge to take nice photos with your phone or tablet. Technology.....ain't it wonderful?  :)

This will probably be my last day alone here.....the owner comes back tomorrow. She is 88 years old and is a near invalid with a typically stubborn attitude. I suppose you can't really blame her at this point in her life but I sure hope I am not that way if I survive that long, I still wonder what to expect when she gets back and if I can cope with it.

I just read that the new budget proposal has been hammered out and Social Security Disability will be cut back. I sure hope that won't affect my chances of getting SSI, which is a bit different than SSD. All those years I didn't get any government support and now that I really need it, it may be in jeopardy. I didn't need that news....my anxiety levels are much higher today. But I have to try and put is aside as I push myself to concentrate on the today and not the tomorrow. A wise person told me you cannot change the past and you cannot predict the future so all you really have is the present.....that is what you have to live in,

Did some grocery shopping yesterday. I bought those green Grab Bags and I really like them...they fit perfectly in the shopping cart and save me from having to recycle plastic bags. I am not trying to sell them but unlike a lot of those As Seen on TV products, this one actually works and is helpful. 

I am waiting for my brother to tell me when he and my SIL are going away for a long weekend so I can house sit. Its my chance to spread out, live like a human being again and relax for a few days.....not to mention being able to shower and do laundry at my leisure. Never take for granted having clean water....it it is a truly precious commodity. 

Today's song is Moon River by Henry Mancini. It works for me. 

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