Monday, October 26, 2015

Yesterday and Today

Glad at least half of the weekend was pleasant. The not so pleasant half was the Saturday cleaning. I think I am either completely out of shape or I am getting too old for that sort of thing. I found myself dragging after being there for 3 hours....and wasn't finished till I was there 7 hours. But I do a good job (and the clients know it) and feel satisfied when I Ieave that I earned the money I got. I agreed to go back on the weekend before Thanksgiving. I still have another cleaning job I have to do sometime this week.

On Sunday, my daughter took me out to walk a bit. I made the mistake of wearing my boots and although they are relatively comfortable, they really aren't made for walking long distances. Plus I was still a bit sore from the day before. Still, it was nice and we went to a local diner for lunch afterward. Had another good burger....cooked perfecly and very tasty. But I think I need to cool it with the burgers for awhile....I know they aren't all that good for me but I have been craving them for some reason lately.

I need to go to the food store today....out of eggs and nearly out of milk. And my favorite iced tea. I have my own dorm sized fridge in the bedroom (a necessity after the main fridge died and wasn't replaced until a week later). Last week I got a coupon for the BOGO at Boston Market so after I left the cleaning job and got a shower at the gym, I had a nice turkey dinner and got a pot pie to take home....that will be tonights dinner.

I have to confess....I have sold out. I bought a pair of jeggings and I like them. They are SO comfortable and if I pair them with a tunic length top they are very fashionable. I have decided that as long as those stretchy pants are in fashion, I may as well enjoy them. I am not 25 anymore but I can certainly wear SOME clothes without looking ridiculous. I remember as a kid my 60 year old grandmother always wearing a dress, stockings and orthopedic shoes. Thank heaven times have changed!

I want a cat! And the owner of this place I sleep at is coming home from rehab on Wednesday. I have to be here to help out and I am feeling anxiety over what to expect when she gets here. I like having the bedroom door open when no one is here....not so claustrophobic. That will end soon. I want a cat.....sniff, sniff...

My daughter got a collar and an ID tag from the pet store when we were out. The cat had it on about a half an hour and was able to break it apart. Daughter was NOT happy. She is now dealing with a very young cat who has healed from her spaying operation,  become comfortable with her new home and wants to play and make well as an aunt (who lives in the same house) who is pissed off at the cat attacking her feet. I think that is why I would rather have a slightly older cat.....past the kitten stage.....unless I was living alone and could spend the time to play with and exercise a kitten.  But I really want a cat!

Well, I guess I better work myself up to getting dressed and get to the food store. At least I don't have to pay for it. As for today's song, I have had this tune going through my head lately. Reminds me of someone I loved and lost. I Couldn't Live Without Your Love by Petula Clark. I still can't LIVE without him...just exist. I long for the day when I will truly live again. I know it will happen. One day at a time....

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